Christchurch Mayor: Nobody has been forgotten

  • 01/03/2011

By James Murray

Christchurch Mayor Bob Parker is worried about the weather in Christchurch today.

A strong but warm wind would create dust storms from rubble left after last Tuesday's quake.

Wind on trees that had been weakened could also cause them to fall.

3 News reported last night that residents in Aranui, a low socioeconomic area of Christchurch, were being ignored by welfare teams.

Portaloos had not been distributed in the area, despite residents not having access to water.

Mr Parker said the people in Aranui had not been forgotten.

"There's a comprehensive plan in place... there are huge numbers of chemical loos coming in," he said.

Mr Parker's 80-year-old parents were also without a toilet and had developed their own "latrine" system.

"You've got to engage to some degree yourself in getting through this.

"We are doing our very best to get everything in place as quickly as we can... nobody has been forgotten."

Two time capsules that were discovered yesterday had been handed to Anthony Wright at Christchurch Museum and he had been asked to carefully open them.

Mr Parker said he hoped the capsules contained a recording by the people who erected the statue they were found in.

"A vision from the past might just be the inspiration we need for the future."

3 News

source: newshub archive

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