Christchurch residents urged to contribute to CCDU plan

  • 23/01/2013

CERA is urging Christchurch residents to offer feedback on a transport plan for the centre city.

A public consultation process on the draft, which looks at how people will travel in the centre city after the rebuild, is coming to a close on Feburary 1.

The draft puts a focus on buses, cyclists, pedestrians and parking requirements. Under current plans, Cathedral Square would be pedestrian-only, with a speed limit of 30/kmh inside a central city ‘core’.

A media representative for CERA says the response from the public has so far been “strong”.

“I know there’s very strong interest in terms of the website, with the number of people visiting and reading articles about it and visiting the plan itself,” he says.

Final response numbers will not be available until the submission period is closed.

Residents can view and offer feedback on the plan at, or by downloading a printable submission from the website and mailing it to the CCDU.

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source: newshub archive

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