David Bain: The full 60 Minutes interview

  • 04/03/2012

Convicted of the murders of his parents, two sisters and a brother in 1995, David Bain served a 13-year jail sentence before the Privy Council ruled in 2007 that there had been a substantial miscarriage of justice.

In 2009, after a second trial, he was found not guilty.

David Bain currently lives in West Auckland and works in an engineering workshop. He spends his spare time horse riding with the local hunt club.

After 13 years in prison, he is now trying to rebuild his life.

"I'm trying to do all of that 15 years of catch up, in a very short space of time, and soon I'm going to be 40 and where am I?"

In the interview, David Bain talks about his life, the tragedy, and his struggle to lead a normal life.

“I struggle with it on a daily basis from the moment I wake up, because I find that I am reminded on a daily basis of the loss that has happened and what I don’t have in my life,” he says.

"I guess the hardest part was just getting used to walking down the street."

He also maintains he is determined to go on with life.

“I’m determined to be positive about where my life is going to go”.

The interview comes after Joe Karam’s latest book Trial by Ambush and as David Bain prepares to speak publicly for the first time about his experiences, during the International Justice Conference held in Perth (March 8-11), where he is a keynote speaker in a line-up that includes Rubin ‘Hurricane’ Carter and Lindy Chamberlain-Creighton.

In the 60 Minutes interview, David Bain reiterates his innocence, saying: “The only thing I can say to everybody out there, and to all my friends, and the thing that I’ve constantly said is I wasn’t there…I am innocent. I did not kill my family.”

Asked how he coped with losing his family, he says: “I mean, thinking back over a lot of the circumstances that I found myself in I don’t know how I got through them.

“I can only thank my upbringing, my family, my Mum and Dad [who] helped us with our education, with our upbringing again, with university studies, and helped us become the people we are.

“And somewhere in there I guess was the learned strength and courage that they both had,” he says. 

Full interview: David Bain talks to 60 Minutes

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