Dotcom's luxury cars up for sale

  • 04/12/2012

By 3 News online staff

Internet mogul and soon-to-be stage actor Kim Dotcom has sold a number of his luxury cars as his ongoing legal battles soak up more of his fortune.

Dotcom’s lawyer has confirmed that six vehicles – three Mercedes-Benz cars, two Mini Coopers and a Toyota Hilux – have been sold to North Shore motor dealer Tristram European, Fairfax reports.

Dotcom’s Rolls-Royce Phantom and Mercedes-Benz CL63 are meanwhile being sold at Auckland’s Continental Cars, and are listed at $399,900 and $189,000 respectively.

A ninth car, or pieces of it at least, will also be sold at Turner’s Car Auctions. Dotcom’s lawyer Greg Towers told Fairfax Dotcom ended up with this dismantled Mercedes as he was preparing to build a custom car before his Coatesville home was raided in dramatic style by police in February.

“He was putting together a ‘Merstang’ – which is a Mustang with a Mercedes chassis and engine inside," says Mr Towers, "and that was a project left uncompleted after he became occupied by other matters."

Dotcom’s car collection was seized by police during the raid, and while the dispute over the freezing of his assets is resolved the proceeds from the sale of the cars will be held by the official assignee.

Mr Towers advises that while the cars are for sale, a number of Dotcom’s infamous personalised plates – including 'GOD', 'HACKER' and 'GUILTY' – will not be.

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source: newshub archive