Dunedin man receives $1700 bonus in Novopay bungle

  • 06/01/2013

A Dunedin man is shocked to have received a holiday bonus of $1700 from a school he hasn’t worked with for well over a year.

The payment to 27-year-old Rory O’Mahony is the latest in a long line of bungles, after the introduction of the flawed Novopay payment system last year.

In an interview with the Otago Daily Times, Mr O’Mahony said the unexpected payment was “a bit of a shock”.

In a bank over the holidays, the labourer had asked a teller to change an automatic payment so it didn’t default, but was told he had more than enough funds to make the payment.

''The money is sitting there, someone else's money ... it could be somebody else's holiday pay and they're missing out,” he said.

The money came from St Joseph’s Cathedral School, where Mr O’Mahony worked as a teacher’s aide over a year ago.

Ministry of Education chief information officer Leanne Gibson blamed the school for the bungle, saying that Mr O’Mahony had received the payment as he was still listed in the school's payroll system.

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source: newshub archive