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Dying diabetic man mistaken for drunk - police

Tuesday 8 Jan 2013 9:37 a.m.

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A diabetic man who died after spending the night ill on a park bench was probably mistaken for a drunk or a homeless man, say police.

Donald James Caley died in Dunedin's Bayfield Park yesterday morning after paramedics failed to save his life, reports Fairfax.

The 61-year-old labourer was spotted in the park on Sunday, lying on a bench next to a toilet block.

"I think he's been mistaken for someone drinking or having a sleep off," says Senior Constable Rob Murray of Dunedin police.

"He wasn't in any obvious distress so it didn't raise any alarms."

Mr Caley was still alive when paramedics arrived yesterday morning, but was unable to be saved.

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