Dying lawyer Lecretia Seales running out of time

  • 31/05/2015

A dying lawyer fighting for the right to assisted suicide may not live to use that right, her husband says.

Wellington lawyer Lecretia Seales last Wednesday finished a case in the High Court in which she requested a ruling to allow her doctor to assist her in dying.

But over the weekend, the 42-year-old's health worsened.

Her husband, Matt Vickers, writes on their blog that Mrs Seales' paralysis had spread to her whole body and a hospital bed had been moved into the couple's home.

"Lecretia is not well. Her eyes are closed most of the time. She is having trouble swallowing. She is talking less and less," he wrote.

"Lecretia's choice is imminent, and we don't know yet if she will get to make it. She's been through a few things already that she would rather not have had to go through."

Mrs Seales has an untreatable brain tumour and is expected to die in months if not weeks.

Facing a difficult, slow and unpleasant death, she wants the court to rule that her doctor won't face criminal charges by assisting her suicide.

"I don't know what she will ultimately choose, or even whether she will get to. But for Lecretia, it was always having the choice that mattered, not the choice itself," Mr Vickers wrote.

Justice David Collins reserved his decision on Wednesday and said he would work through Queen's Birthday weekend to quickly deliver a result.


source: newshub archive