Economist takes swing at golf course land

  • 06/06/2015

Economist Shamubeel Eaqub wants houses built on the 13 golf courses owned by Auckland Council.

He admits the idea, put forward in a book he's published, will have golfers up in arms but says there's a shortage of housing in New Zealand's largest city.

"In Auckland, the council owns something like 13 golf courses. And we have to ask some very hard questions on what is the value of that land, and is it being put to the best use?" he told The Nation today.

"It doesn't mean we need to raze the whole thing and build all over it but if we put housing in it, around it, through it, it might be that were able to use our land much better."

Mr Eaqub says he doesn't play golf and it's stupid to have so many courses.

"The reality is we're not using our land to the best advantage in having open green spaces for pony clubs and for golf courses," he said.

The Government has opened up land it owns in Auckland for housing projects, arguing a shortage of supply is the main cause of a booming Auckland property market that first-home buyers are being priced out of.

It's been mocked as some of the land is next to railway lines and electricity substations.

Golfers at council-owned Chamberlain Park Golf Course in west Auckland have been fighting to save that course.

The Albert-Eden Local Board is proposing a redevelopment of the course to a broader range of recreation uses, including playing fields.


source: newshub archive