Family's emotional plea in burned body case

  • 08/02/2013

The brother of the 21-year old whose body was found burning in a remote location in South Auckland has spoken publically about his brother's disappearance for the first time.

Pravin Prasad made an emotional plea to media today, for those who know what happened to come forward.

It's been eight days since his brother's burning body was found, and the pain is still raw for Mr Prasad and his family.

“It's torn us apart. I feel like it hasn't even happened yet, it's just so surreal, sometimes I think he'll come after work, but I then now realise he won't,” he says.

The mysterious circumstances surrounding Shalvin Prasad's death have come as a complete surprise to his family.

“The events that have happened leading up to it, were just like any other week. It was just normal that week, there was nothing to suggest he was spooked in any way,” says his brother.

Police today confirmed they have a better idea of Shalvin Prasad's final movements - they say he was the one who left his car in an industrial area of South Auckland at 9pm the night before his body was found.

It's the last confirmed sighting police have of Mr Prasad.

His cell phone has been handed in by a member of the public, but his wallet and car keys are still missing.

Mr Prasad withdrew tens of thousands of dollars on the day he disappeared, but CCTV footage has been unable to confirm who he left the industrial area with.

They will now focus their investigation on finding more CCTV footage of the area.

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source: newshub archive