Farmers battle to feed stock in snow

  • 18/06/2015

There was trouble in parts of Central Otago today, where farmers battled freezing conditions to get feed to their stock.

Crown Terrace farmer Craig Gardyne was on the job early this morning feeding baylege to his hungry stock. By 8am it was becoming hard to even see his sheep in the wet and heavy snow.

"It's coming in pretty quick," he said.

While this storm is an inconvenience for farmers, its timing isn't. Most are still a few months away from lambing and calving and have had plenty of warning to get stock to shelter.

Fellow dairy farmer John Stanley says as long as his cows have plenty of feed, the snow that's blanketing their paddocks shouldn't affect them too much.

But he does admit he hasn't seen snow like this on the Maniototo Plain before.

"Last time was time about 20 years ago… and it was knee-deep."

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source: newshub archive