Fijian kidney patient 'sent home to die'

  • 26/02/2014

A Fijian man who needs a kidney transplant has been ordered to return home where he will almost certainly die, Labour MP Rajen Prasad says.

Mr Prasad says Sanil Kumar came to New Zealand on a work visa which expired in July last year, and since then he has been going through the appeal process seeking to have it extended.

That has failed, and he's been told to leave the country on Friday.

"Sanil Kumar has a kidney donor in his family and his community is raising the $130,000 needed for his transplant operation - his family is meeting all his expenses and he is not seeking any resources from the Government," Mr Prasad said.

"His only request is not to be sent home on Friday and be given a grace period for him to continue receiving dialysis treatment in New Zealand."

Mr Prasad says the dialysis treatment Mr Kumar has been receiving in New Zealand isn't available in Fiji and he can't receive a transplant there either.

He says Immigration New Zealand is "insisting on returning a young man to almost certain death in a few months" and should be more responsive to life and death situations.

However Immigration says it is urging Mr Kumar to leave New Zealand voluntarily so that he can apply for a visitor visa to come back when the money has been raised for the kidney transplant he needs.

Immigration acting compliance operations manager Natalie Gardiner says that the peritoneal dialysis that Mr Kumar currently receives is available in Fiji.

"[Immigration] acknowledges that money is being raised for the $130,000 cost of a transplant for Mr Kumar, but he has already incurred significant health debts in the region of $30,000,” she said.

If Mr Kumar is deported he will face a ban of up to five years upon returning to New Zealand, as well as having to repay any costs associated with deportation.

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source: newshub archive