Funds raised to catch pet dog killer

  • 04/08/2013

The vicious mutilation and killing of a dog in South Auckland has sparked intense anger from the public, and they've swamped a new website that launched today, pledging thousands of dollars to find the person who committed the crime.

The Sunday walks are much lonelier now for Kelly Newby. Normally she'd be joined by her beloved six-year-old fox terrier Portia. But earlier this week she found Portia on her front lawn completely skinned, a shoulder broken and with both her ears and a paw cut off.

Far away from the green hills of Karaka, a group of lawyers in the city centre have decided to do something about it. Carole Curtis and her associates launched a website this morning to try to find the person who mutilated and killed Portia.

"We work with animals so much in our lives that it seemed really important to try and do something," says Ms Curtis. "I'm really glad that people are making donations and I hope we get an arrest."

But they could not have imagined the public response to their campaign. The site has already raised $9000, half of which is a reward for any information that leads to finding the killer.

"It's wonderful, just wonderful," says Mr Curtis. "I'm really proud of people who care that much."

Half of the proceeds from the website will go to the SPCA, which takes care of thousands of dogs every year. Many of the dogs, like Portia, were victims of neglect and abuse.

The online campaign can't bring Portia back for Ms Newby. But it helps a little bit to know that people from as far away as North America and Europe are pledging their support and want justice for the innocent fox terrier and its killer.

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source: newshub archive

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