Gas bottle explosion hits campers in Southland

  • 22/01/2013

Police are commending the quick actions of a camper who took the brunt of a gas bottle explosion in a southern camping ground.

The man was in the middle of disconnecting the gas bottle from his barbecue in Glendhu Bay when it exploded, dealing burns to the man’s arms and legs and a cut to his face, the Southland Times reports.

Constable Peter Reed told the Times that the man may have saved others from injury with his quick response.

"He managed to shield the blast from other people, and then he went to a tap. He did everything right,” he says.

A nearby camper who saw the incident said there was a lot of screaming and smoke, which spread into nearby luggage and burnt it out.

The fire quickly became large and a group of campers used what they could to douse the area before fire fighters arrived, she told the Times.

There was no damage to nearby tents or property.

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source: newshub archive