Ghosts in Wellington's town hall?

  • 20/06/2010

By Tova O’Brien

The Wellington Town Hall has often been the subject of speculation when it comes to haunting and the paranormal.

It’s old, creaky and roomy, with a rich history dating back more than 100 years.

“I’m not prepared to step out and say there are ghosts, I just think that I’ve experienced things,” says paranormal investigator James Gilberd.

“I think the rest of the people in the group have as well. We still don’t know what those things are yet, and would very much like to find out.”

The group, known as Strange Occurrences, spent a night with unfettered access at the Wellington Town Hall trying to get to the bottom of the ghost stories that surround it.

“Strange things go on in there in the dead of night,” says city councillor John Morrison.
“Probably old councillors and forgotten mayors. There was a rumour going around that a ghost was going to stand for mayor this year.”

During their stint in the hall, Mr Gilberd says the group heard footsteps.

“Like hard shoes on a hard floor, like hard heels on a hard floor. But when you look outside the theatre, it’s carpeted and the doors are pretty near sound proof.”

“We had a number of events that could be construed as paranormal, however the evidence we were gathering would suggest that there are natural reasons for those events.”

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source: newshub archive