Girls’ High destroys sacked principal’s letters to students

  • 16/11/2012

Christchurch Girls’ High School has destroyed more than 500 handwritten notes left on end of year reports, because they were penned by sacked principal Prue Taylor.

It’s the latest event in a saga between the school and Ms Taylor, who was fired from her position two weeks ago. She is currently challenging the dismissal. 

“I suppose as far as they are concerned I don't exist at the school any more,” she told The Press

Acting principal Peter Sawyer told the paper the school intentionally reprinted the reports to remove comments from Ms Taylor.

The school then disposed of her personal notes to students – a move they say is standard practice.

Mr Sawyer says he was under instructions from the board of trustees to remove all correspondence with Ms Taylor’s name on it.

Parents from the school have labeled the move “vindictive and petty”.

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source: newshub archive