Google reveals top NZ searches for 2013

  • 17/12/2013

Google's annual Zeitgeist has revealed New Zealand's most popular searches for 2013, with this year's America's Cup topping the chart.

Google spokesperson Annie Baxter says the list always provides a "fascinating insight into what Kiwis were curious about during the year".

They cover the most popular searches in categories such as 'trending news events', 'trending New Zealanders' and 'trending internet lingo'.

The sudden deaths of actors Paul Walker and Cory Monteith were in the top five trending searches, alongside the royal baby Prince George.

New Zealand singer Lorde, who rose to fame this year with her single Royals, was the fifth most popular search.

"Lorde found international fame this year, but [she] clearly also enjoys a huge following at home," says Ms Baxter.

Many kiwis kept up with international news; with notable events such as the Boston bombing and Typhoon Haiyan making the top 10 news events.

Ms Baxter says Kiwis turned to the web to better understand local issues too, from earthquakes to Matariki.

Other popular searches were "how to kiss", "what is twerking" and "where is Hobbiton".

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Top trending searches

1. Americas Cup

2. Paul Walker

3. Royal baby

4. Cory Monteith

5. Lorde

6. Wheedle

7. Earthquakes today

8. Iphone 5s

9. Harlem shake

10. X factor NZ

Trending People

1. Paul Walker

2. Cory Monteith

3. Lorde

4. Kim Karhashian baby

5. Nelson Mandela

6. Paul Holmes

7. Amanda Bynes

8. Nigella Lawson

9. Jesse Ryder

10. Ruby Frost

Trending New Zealanders

1. Lorde

2. Ruby Frost

3. Bevan Chuang

4. Jesse Ryder

5. Len Brown

6. Dean Barker

7. Steven Adams

8. Daniel Bedingfield

9. Jackie Thomas

10. Mark Hunt

Trending news events

1. Americas cup

2. Boston bombing

3. Wellington earthquake

4. New pope

5. Kate Middleton baby

6. Rolf Harris

7. North Korea news

8. Auckland earthquake

9. Typhoon Haiyan

10. Oklahoma tornado

source: newshub archive