Govt says WOF changes will save $1.8B

  • 09/08/2013

From January, motorists who have vehicles registered after 2004 will only have to get a Warrant of Fitness once a year, instead of every six months.

The Government has been forced to push back the implementation dates so the vehicle testing industry could come to grips with the changes.

"This is good news for drivers," says Andy Knacksteadt of the NZ Transport Agency. "They're sensible changes that will save them time and money without compromising safety."

The timing change was announced today to ease fears by the vehicle testing industry that 2,000 jobs could suddenly be lost.

"It allows both industry and consumers a bit more time to understand what they need to do and to come up to speed with the changes," says Ian Stronach of the Motor Trade Association.

Mr Knacksteadt says the agency listened to the industry who told them the transition would be smoother if the changes came into force in January.

There was uproar in the industry when the changes were announced, with some saying the changes would cost lives.

"If something goes wrong there it can be catastrophic," says Mr Stronach.

But the Government says fewer tests will save motorists $1.8 billion over 30 years.

3 News understands there will be no changes to the actual Warrant of Fitness test itself, so the time it takes and the cost aren't set to increase.

Changes surrounding WOF testing:

  • From January 1, all cars registered from 2004 to the end of 2013 will have annual, rather than a six-monthly, inspection;
  • From July 1st, annual inspections will be extended to any cars registered after 2000;
  • If you buy a new car from next July you will only have to get an initial warrant and then not again for another three years;
  • Any vehicles registered before 2000 will remain on six-monthly inspections.

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source: newshub archive