Gower: Polls guide Govt on Islamic State response

  • 05/11/2014

John Key earlier this week gave a major speech on New Zealand's security.

He addressed the rising threat of the Islamic State and what New Zealand will do about it here and in Iraq.

There are plans to send troops into the war-torn Middle Eastern country, but on the strict condition they are non-combat trainers. Kiwis will also have a role in helping with air strikes however – but it's not "boots on the ground", so to speak.

Mr Key also revealed there are as many as 80 people in New Zealand suspected of having ties to Islamic State, and wants our security and intelligence services to have greater powers – with an expiry date.

Both approaches have been labelled cautious – 3 News political editor Patrick Gower says the Government would have done a lot of polling on the issue to gauge New Zealanders' attitudes.

Watch the video for the full chat. 

source: newshub archive