Hamilton woman runs over man four times

  • 14/01/2013

Neighbours stepped in to help after a woman in Hamilton ran over her partner four times, police say.

The couple, who had both been drinking, were arguing before the 42-year-old woman hit him with the car in the suburb of Fairfield early yesterday four times, Hamilton city Area Commander, Inspector Greg Nicholls said.

"Fortunately the man escaped serious injury and bystanders directly intervened, pulling the woman out of the car as she tried to run the man over a fifth time."

The woman fled the scene, but was arrested a short time later.

She returned a breath alcohol reading of over 980 micrograms per litre of breath. The limit is 400mcg.

She was charged with driving with excess breath alcohol, her third or subsequent offence, assaulting a person with a blunt instrument and careless driving.

Police praised the neighbours.

"Here they have seen something going on, assessed the situation and intervened preventing more serious injury."

Police appreciated people taking assertive action to help others, but "only when they do so without putting themselves or others at risk", Insp Nicholls said.

The man suffered minor injuries.


source: newshub archive