Inquest into CTV earthquake deaths resumes

  • 02/12/2012

A coroner's inquest into deaths in the CTV building after the Christchurch earthquake on February 22, 2011 resumes on Monday.

The inquest before Coroner Gordon Matenga is reconvening at 10:00am and continuing through to Friday.

Of the 185 killed in the quake, 115 were in the CTV building.

The coroner is focusing on the deaths of Tamara Cvetanova, Jessie Redouble, Emmabelle Anoba, Ezra Medalle, Reah Sumalpong and Rika Hyuga who are all foreign nationals.

Footage of the inquest is available online so families of the deceased who live overseas are able to watch proceedings.

"Many of the 115 people who died in the collapse of the CTV building were from overseas, and it is hugely important that those who lost loved ones in the tragedy have the opportunity to have access to the inquest's proceedings, wherever they are," Mr Matenga has said.


source: newshub archive