Inside the secret training camps

  • 19/10/2007

Tonight, for the first time anywhere, someone who attended Tame Iti's secret training camps in the Urewera's, talks about what took place.
Today, at courts in Auckland and Wellington, all evidence relating to what allegedly happened at these camps, was suppressed.
But we can talk to someone who has not been arrested and charged.
One Whakatane man attended Iti's camps until the most recent one, only two weeks ago.
He says there were two reasons for him going.
One, to train for a high paying security job in conflict zones like Iraq.
Two, to protect Tuhoe land and the people who live on it, although he was not able to explain from whom, or why.

To protect his identity, he wanted to wear a balaclava.
This is his story of what went on in those hills.

source: newshub archive

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