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Interactive NZTA driving game wins awards

Sunday 13 Oct 2013 6:14 p.m.

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A novel safe-driving campaign by the New Zealand Transport Agency is winning design awards here and overseas.

The campaign centres around a driving game that you can only play once.

Hurtling through the streets of Auckland in a souped-up Japanese import, the music pumping – it's every Kiwi boy racer's dream. But in the game, you get only one turn.

Once you die in a violent crash, your life flashes before your eyes. And you can never play again.

The message from the New Zealand Transport Agency is clear. A moment after impact, the game flicks through the player's Facebook photos to remind them what's at stake.

Now it's starting to win design awards here and overseas.

The game's attracted more than 100,000 visitors on the internet and is getting a strong reaction from its target market.

Young players are learning that video games can be like life, and in life you only get one turn.

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