Internet goes nuts for Kiwi 'Bro Witness'

  • 03/10/2013

A New Zealander caught up in the chaos near the US Capitol building has found internet fame after being interviewed, on a bike, sans shirt.

Labelled 'Bro Witness' by Washington DC journalist Matt Vasiloambros in a post on Twitter, the Kiwi – real name Matthew Jacobs, of Wellington – told media he has been on a "kontiki tour" across the US, starting in LA,  on his way to New York.

"This is a little bit, ah, pretty intense," he told reporters.

"Pretty much just seen some car trying to get through a barrier and ran through it, bowled someone over and then took off, then cops started ringing up and chasing him away."

At one point Jacobs laughs nervously, telling the reporters: "I don't know, I'm losing it, mate – too many questions or the spotlight!"

After talking to the media, police took him away for questioning.

Witnesses said he hadn't been wearing a shirt all day. Asked by a reporter why this was the case, he answered, "Well, when in Rome!"

Jacobs already has a tribute Twitter account – @TheBroWitness – and an entry on internet meme website Know Your Meme.

The Bro Witness' rise to fame in the US comes the same week Auckland singer Lorde topped the Billboard Hot 100.

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source: newshub archive

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