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Judge tells Maori Council 'take a breath, count to ten'

Tuesday 27 Nov 2012 5:06 p.m.

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By 3 News online staff

A High Court judge has given a lawyer a stern rebuke at the Maori Council's hearing on Government asset sales.

Justice Ron Young was responding to the Council's lawyer Felix Geiringer when he appeared to become irritated.

Justice Young and Mr Geiringer were discussing legal concepts over the ownership of water.

Justice Young said it was a "pedantic" view to claim ownership of water after putting it in a bottle and it was more relevant to refer to flowing water and Mighty River Power.

Mr Geiringer than said this was the basis he had been trying to refer to, before Justice Young interrupted him.

"Mr Geiringer, just stop for a moment and take a breath and count to 10. Be conscious of where you are and be conscious of the importance of keeping cool."

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