Kiwi breaks women's shearing record

  • 10/01/2012

Te Kuiti shearer Kerri-Jo Te Huia has broken a world shearing record after shearing more than 500 lambs in eight hours – just over a lamb a minute.

Shearing at Te Hape, east of Benneydale, Te Huia shore an impressive 507 lambs in yesterday’s session, easily beating the founding record of 470. 

Despite some back pain Te Huia set a fast pace, shearing 248 before lunch. During the eight-hour stint she hauled around 16 tonnes of lambs onto the board and shore at an average of 57.6 seconds per lamb.

The 30-year-old is only in her fifth season of shearing, but didn’t lack for role models; Te Huia is the youngest of five children, and her brothers Hayden and Stacey also have their names in the books of the World Shearing Records Society.

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source: newshub archive