Labour kills euthanasia Bill

  • 14/12/2014

Labour has dropped a Bill that would have sought to legalise voluntary euthanasia.

The End of Life Choice Bill had been driven by Iain Lees-Galloway, but he was yesterday told by leader Andrew Little the issues was a not focus for the party, reports the New Zealand Herald.

If the Bill had been passed, adults who were likely to die within 12 months due to sickness would have the right to request a medically assisted death.

Mr Little told the Herald the decision to drop the Bill was not related to its controversial nature, but because the party had other things to work on.

"It comes down to priorities at the moment," said Mr Little. "We are very much focused on... jobs and economic security.

"There are more people affected by weak labour market regulation and weak economic strategy than they are about the right to make explicit choices about how they die."

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source: newshub archive