Lady June Hillary opens Icefest

  • 26/09/2014

Lady June Hillary is opening a two-week festival in Christchurch highlighting New Zealand's relationship with Antarctica and the Southern Ocean.

Eight Malamute sled dogs are pulling the Christchurch tram from Cathedral Junction to the western side of Cathedral Square with Sir Edmund Hillary's widow, Lady June, and others on board.

Lady June is breaking an ice ribbon today to launch NZ Icefest 2014.

The dogs symbolise the special relationship between Antarctica and the city, which is home to the International Antartic Centre, organisers say.

The biennial festival runs until October 12, with a range of Antarctic-themed activities, seminars, exhibitions and educational programmes.

Events include pilots talking about the unique challenges of flying in Antarctica today and sled dog racing tomorrow.

Sir Ed led a Trans-Antarctic Expedition from 1955, which successfully completed the first overland crossing of Antarctica to reach the South Pole in 1958.


source: newshub archive