Life sentence for Raymond Piper's murderer

  • 25/11/2010

By Tova O’Brien

The man who killed 23-year-old Kapiti Coast man Raymond Piper has been jailed for life with a minimum non-parole period of 14 years.

Mr Piper's family and friends filled the public gallery at the Wellington High Court, and his sister and mother read emotional victim impact statements to his killer.

It wasn’t the first time 51-year-old Ainsley Anderson has been to prison and in 14 years he could be released.

But Raymond Piper – the man he killed six months ago – has a three-year-old son who will grow up without a father.

“His baby thinks that he's sleeping. He knows where he is but that's it, nothing else we can do, just take each day as it comes,” Raymond’s partner Pania Piper says.

What was supposed to be a beating to teach Raymond Piper respect fast became a brutal murder.

Wearing his seatbelt, Mr Piper fought back from the passenger seat of his car; he bit Anderson, drew a knife and cut the former mob member on the arm.

But Anderson stabbed piper 16 times and eight wounds to his chest proved fatal.

Yesterday Susan Bragger, the mother of Mr Piper's de facto girlfriend Hannah Lark, pleaded guilty to conspiring to cause grievous bodily harm.

It was her and her brother Sean Hawke who paid Anderson $3,500 to rough Mr Piper up.

Anderson is a solo-father with a five-year-old daughter.

The judge considered two mitigating factors in his sentence; Anderson's early guilty plea and the fact he had lead police to the shallow grave where he buried Mr Piper's body.

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source: newshub archive