Lunchtime news wrap: Friday November 9, 2012

  • 09/11/2012

By Kim Choe

Defence lawyer Greg King is farewelled, the northeastern United States has been hit by another bout of severe weather, and Mitt Romney’s campaign has made yet another gaffe. Here is your lunchtime news wrap – bite-sized updates of local and international news delivered fresh every afternoon.

Greg King farewelled

Prominent defence lawyer Greg King has been farewelled in Wellington today. Hundreds attended his funeral at Wellington’s St Paul’s Cathedral. Health Minister Tony Ryall and Crown Prosecutor Simon Moore both paid tribute to Mr King, who most recently defended Ewen MacDonald in the Scott Guy murder trial. Mr King was found dead beside his car on Saturday.

Opinion: Is our economy collapsing?

Political Editor Duncan Garner writes about the shaky future of New Zealand’s economy, on the back of yesterday’s high unemployment figures. They’ve reached a 13-year high, and there’s no sign they’ll come down any time soon. John Key says he was surprised at the numbers – but should he have been?

New Zealand troops leave Timor-Leste

Today marks the end of an era as the New Zealand Defence Force leaves Timor-Leste for the last time. Thousands of troops have served in the once-troubled nation since 1999 but it is now showing clear signs of progress, with a functioning police force and military. Watch Brook Sabin’s report from the young nation.

Superstorm Sandy cleanup hampered by snow

The northeastern United States has been hit by another severe weather system, dumping snow and near-freezing temperatures on people still trying to recover from Superstorm Sandy. Although it hasn’t done any lasting damage, it has slowed the cleanup in some areas. See photos from New Jersey, and watch Mike McRoberts’ report from New York.

Gangnam Style dances its way to world record

South Korean pop sensation Psy’s global hit ‘Gangnam Style’ has smashed a world record to become the most popular video in YouTube history. With nearly five million ‘likes’ on the video-sharing site, the much-parodied song has held off competition from the likes of Justin Bieber and Adele. Psy says it’s the first certificate he’s ever had – not a bad start at all!

Odd bite: Mitt Romney’s ‘victory’ website goes live

As if losing the United States presidential election wasn’t bad enough, Mitt Romney’s staff made one final mistake: making his victory website go live on election night. The draft version of the site was only online briefly, but didn’t escape the attention of one observant blogger. The site had quotes from “President-Elect” Romney, trumpeting his desire to put people “back to work”.

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source: newshub archive