Lunchtime news wrap: Tuesday November 27, 2012

  • 26/11/2012

By Kim Choe

The New Zealand Youth Delegation is embarrassed at Doha climate talks, Sir Peter Jackson rushes to finish The Hobbit ahead of tomorrow’s premiere and Cadbury invents a non-melting chocolate. Here is your lunchtime news wrap – bite-sized updates of local and international news delivered fresh every afternoon.

NZ Youth Delegation ‘dismayed’ in Doha

A group of young people attending UN climate talks in Doha says it was dismayed to receive two “Fossil of the Day” awards, given to “nations most actively hampering international progress”. The awards were given to the New Zealand Youth Delegation (NZYD) by the Climate Action Network after the Government’s decision not to continue its commitment to the Kyoto Protocol. The NZYD says the whole world has now called the Government out on what it says is an “embarrassing, short-sighted and irresponsible action”.

SAS had role in Afghan insurgent killing

The head of the New Zealand Defence Force has confirmed the SAS gathered intelligence that led to the airstrike that killed Abdullah Kalta and four other insurgents in Afghanistan last week. The SAS was not present in the strike area, but collated information for the attack by coalition forces. Lieutenant General Rhys Jones says an SAS planning team remains in the country, but would not reveal further details about their activities.

Egyptians cancel protests

Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood says it has cancelled a planned mass rally in support of President Mohammed Morsi’s assumption of sweeping powers, saying it wants to lessen congestion and avoid public tension. The protests would have been in opposition to mass rallies that have already taken place in Cairo opposing Morsi’s new powers. Meanwhile, the president is sticking to his decision, telling the country’s top judges he acted within his rights and assuring them his powers will not infringe on the judiciary.

Hore’s hit inspires hysteria

Debate is still raging in sporting commentary and on social media about Andrew Hore’s king hit on Wales lock Bradley Davies in the weekend, with some saying Hore is a villain who should be banned from rugby for life. 3 News rugby reporter Jim Kayes writes from London that much of the commentary lacks perspective. He says the judiciary needs to consider penalties in past cases as well as Hore’s clean record when dishing out punishment. In contrast, rugby editor Hamish McKay says a clean record is irrelevant to what he calls a ‘sickening’ act.

Hobbit hype reaches fever pitch

Unless you’ve been living in a Hobbit hole, you’ll know that the The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey is premiering in Wellington tomorrow. That doesn’t seem to have phased director Sir Peter Jackson, who is still putting the finishing touches on the film. Sir Peter says his crew is working around the clock to get the film completed on time.

In other Middle-earth-related news, Air New Zealand’s specially decorated Boeing 737-300ER touched down in Wellington a short time ago – the second-largest aeroplane to land at the capital’s airport. Keen plane spotters can watch the video here.

Odd bite: Cadbury’s non-melting chocolate

Here’s something that won’t melt in your mouth: Cadbury has come up with a chocolate that can withstand temperatures of up to 40degC. The new product, developed to be sold in hot countries such as India and Brazil, is made using a special process that reduces the amount of fat covering sugar particles in the chocolate. Although this makes it less susceptible to melting, Cadbury says it won’t taste as good as its classic Dairy Milk.

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source: newshub archive