Mark Lundy murder retrial: Day 36

  • 30/03/2015

The jury in the Mark Lundy murder retrial will resume deliberations tomorrow, after retiring for the night half-an-hour early.

Earlier this afternoon they re-entered the courtroom to view film footage used as evidence, the nature of which is suppressed.

Lundy is accused of carrying out the brutal and bloody murders of his wife Christine, 38, and daughter Amber, seven, in their Palmerston North home in August 2000.

Over the past seven weeks the jury has heard a wide range of evidence from more than 100 witnesses, including forensic experts, family members of the accused and victims, and police.

Deliberations at Wellington High Court resumed at 10am today, with Lundy's supporters and family, members of the public and media gathering in the court foyer to await a verdict.

Justice Simon France gave his summary of the case to the jury of seven men and five women yesterday morning, before the jury left the courtroom to begin its first afternoon of discussion.

Justice France told the jury not to be overwhelmed by the complicated forensic evidence and the scale of the task before them.

"It's a big thing being asked of you, but please don't be scared about it."

Lundy was initially imprisoned for almost 13 years after being found guilty of the murders in 2002, but successfully appealed the decision in 2013 to have the case against him reheard.

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source: newshub archive

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