Meet Zorro, the surfing pig

  • 07/03/2013

Like other pigs, Zorro can't fly. But with the help of his owner Matthew Bell he sure can ride waves.

The two-month-old has been trotting to Mt Maunganui beach with Mr Bell since he was three weeks old.

Zorro doesn't like the surf when it gets too big.

“He gets a bit scared when it gets double overhead, and double overhead isn't that big for a pig,” says Mr Bell.

But his owner says he loves being in the water

“Oh, he's a phenomenal swimmer.”

The family pet is a mix between wild boar, kunekuke, domestic pig and socialite.

“He's extremely friendly so he likes to visit children, grandparents, anyone really – anyone that wants to give him a pat, he'll go up and say hello.”

So what does the future hold for the surfing sensation?

“We'll keep surfing until he gets to a size where he's unmanageable, and see what happens after that.”

But for now he'll just continue hanging hooves.

Watch the video from SunLive to see Zorro catch a wave.

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source: newshub archive