MPs slam 'fat and proud' conference

  • 12/07/2012

Despite fatness being the topic of discussion in the capital this week, two politicians are rubbishing the idea that being fat is fine.

A ‘fat studies’ conference is being held at Wellington’s Massey University today and tomorrow to discuss the issues of fat stigma, stereotypes and social expectations.

The organiser of the conference says fat people are made out as lazy, diseased and unhealthy and being fat is actively discouraged. She says these assumptions should be overturned. 

But Justice and ACC Minister Judith Collins says most people around the place could do with shedding a few pounds, including herself.

“Come on, honestly, I’ve got to lose a little bit and I’m sure most people around the place do because we have such a sedentary lifestyle,” she told RadioLive’s Marcus Lush.

“We rush from one place to another and the food that is available is full of fat and carbs. We’ve got to get the weight off, that is just the way it is,” she says.

Labour’s Shane Jones agreed with Ms Collins about the need for New Zealanders to lose weight but says he’s happy with his own figure.

“I jumped in the shower this morning and had a brief inspection and thought I wasn’t looking too bad actually,” he says.

Mr Jones ruled out attending what he calls the “Teletubbie Conference”.

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source: newshub archive