NCEA students frustrated by results glitch

  • 14/01/2013

Thousands of secondary students had their hopes raised and then dashed today when NCEA results were briefly made available online.

They were only up on the New Zealand Qualifications Authority website for five minutes, but that was enough to provoke a storm of anger from confused students.

Sachinie Wanasinghe is one of those who has waited nervously for her NCEA results, so was delighted when they appeared online early this morning.

“I checked the results and I saw all the results and I was really happy with them,” she says.

But there was no time to show her family, as within minutes her results had disappeared.

NZQA says the results appeared during routine testing of its website at around 6:30am this morning.

It says just 265 students viewed their final marks, but it appears thousands others like Year 12 student Matt Shipp went online hoping to do the same.

“I feel quite let down,” he says.

Results are due for 140,000 NCEA students this week, and many of them flooded NZQA’s website with complaints.

NZQA refused an on-camera interview, but said students should wait for it to announce final results have been released. To avoid uncertainty, learners won't be able to log in to its website beforehand.

Those final results are expected in the coming days – once NZQA has finished testing.

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source: newshub archive

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