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Neon Roberts' mother loses radiotherapy court battle

Saturday 22 Dec 2012 8:07 a.m.

Neon Roberts

Neon Roberts

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A British judge has ruled Neon Roberts will have radiation therapy against his New Zealand-born mother's wishes.

The seven-year-old had surgery earlier this week to remove a life-threatening

brain tumour, and doctors say without further treatment Neon may not survive more than a few months.

Neon’s mother, Sally Roberts, feared radiotherapy would cause long-term harm but doctors said her son may not survive more than a few months without it.

Justice Bodey agreed, saying he was convinced the treatment was “at present the best we have to deal with a malignant cancer”.

Doctors say radiation therapy must be carried out at very latest by January 16th, or Neon’s health could decline rapidly.

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