New Brighton residents protest 'bum' deal

  • 01/12/2012

A group of New Brighton residents unhappy with how the suburb's future is being planned out are being invited to bring their concerns to special community board meeting tomorrow.

Local business owner Tony Brooks organised a protest today where the group bared their bums on New Brighton beach to draw attention to what he says is the neglect of the area by the council and Government.

Head of the Burwood-Pegasus Community Board, Linda Stewart, says a better way for the group to get their point across is to come to the meeting tomorrow where the New Brighton rebuild plan is being discussed.

“I can understand frustration because everything moves so slowly, also with the fact that business people aren’t really well supported through this whole earthquake event,” she says.

Christchurch Mayor Bob Parker is to receive a photo of the 80 mooning residents tomorrow.


source: newshub archive