Northland teacher in court over sex abuse

  • 14/11/2012

A former Northland teacher is due to appear in court again this morning to face more charges of sexual abuse.

A Kaitaia businessman also facing sexual abuse charges is also expected to make an appearance.

James Parker, 37, who taught at Kaitaia's Pamapuria School for about 12 years, has already admitted 49 charges of sexual offending involving around a dozen boys aged 11 to 13.

On Monday police laid 23 new charges against the former deputy principal of the school, after eight more victims came forward.

Parker was arrested and charged with sexually abusing some of his pupils in August this year.
He had been allowed to keep teaching despite police being called in to investigate complaints in 2009 - which were withdrawn - and concerns being raised at a previous school.

Parker had established himself as a popular and well-regarded teacher, sometimes called by pupils "Uncle Jamie", who organised the school's kapa haka group.

However, he would cuddle boys, have them overnight at his house and shower with them.

Because Parker had adult girlfriends it was not believed he was abusing boys.

Kaitaia businessman Daniel Taylor also faces 16 charges of sexual offences and is expected to appear in court today.

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source: newshub archive