Norwegian yacht seeks help

  • 15/03/2012

The yacht with self-proclaimed Norwegian vikings and a New Zealander on board in the Southern Ocean is seeking help from Argentinian Antarctic bases after their yacht was damaged.

Norwegians Jarle Andhoy, 34, and Samuel Massie, 19, caused consternation with authorities when they made an unsanctioned trip on the yacht Nilaya to the Antarctic earlier this year.

They were looking for traces of their yacht Berserk, which sank in a huge storm in February last year - with the loss of three lives - as Mr Andhoy and Mr Massie tried to reach the South Pole on quad bikes. Their equipment was left at New Zealand's Scott Base.

After finding no trace of the Beserk last month the adventurers, including New Zealander Busby Noble, 53, headed north.

Mr Andhoy's friend Rune Olsgaard told Radio New Zealand today the yacht Nilaya's boom was broken and they were heading to an Argentine base to get help fixing it.

They did not want to stay in Antarctic waters and would then head to South America, and Mr Andhoy would then return to Norway.

Mr Olsgaard said the crew did not anticipate difficulty with South American authorities, despite the unauthorised trip to Antarctic.

He did not rule out another trip to the Antarctic again next summer. They may try to get a bigger boat next summer so they could search the area the Berserk was last seen.

The crew is not sailing to New Zealand, believing they will face prosecution there.

Under New Zealand regulations, any ship heading from New Zealand to Antarctica needs permission from New Zealand authorities.

Mr Andhoy's expedition attracted criticism because he does not have permission to be in Antarctic waters and is putting potential rescuers at risk if he gets into trouble.


source: newshub archive