NZ Girl breast cancer campaign backfires

  • 01/12/2010

A New Zealand-based website for young women is being slammed for asking its readers to post pictures of their breasts for a fundraising campaign.

The 'I’ve Got A Lovely Pair' promotion by NZgirl has promised to donate $1000 to breast cancer research for every 50 pictures of breasts uploaded by its fans.

“So what are you waiting for – it’s time to get your tits out for the girls,” the site says.

The campaign, which started yesterday, has already received a hostile response from online users, saying the project is insulting and just a way to secure website hits.

“Why not stop pretending this is anything other than a cheap opportunity to raise your profile by exploiting both a worthy cause and women’s bodies,” ‘Lisette’ posted on the site.

“I think its absolute bull****…it is pornography and it is invading her privacy. So what are you waiting for – it’s time to get you “tits out for the girls” – reading that made me sick to my stomach,” ‘Ashley’ posted.

The website also allows users to rate the breasts being sent in.

“The most offensive thing I find about this is the fact that you can almost ‘rate’ these women’s breasts… all of our breasts should be equal in this; no pair (or singular) better or worse than the next,” ‘Mikokiko’ posted on the site.

NZgirl editor Tee Twyford says the campaign is about raising awareness and donating to a good cause.

“NZgirl the brand and each of our four staff members stand for more than the exploitation of women – in fact this campaign came about as a way for us to mobilise our audience of 18-35 year old women to feel good about their breasts no matter what shape, size, function, history or medical journey,” she says.

A number of photos have already been uploaded to the site and are available to view on

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source: newshub archive