NZQA like 'a bad boyfriend'

  • 14/01/2013

High traffic to the NZQA website has brought it to a standstill – meaning the anxious wait continues for some high school students.

A glitch yesterday allowed more than 163,000 students to briefly see their preliminary NCEA results for a five-minute “testing” period, before they were pulled from the site.

Results were officially released this morning but the NZQA website has struggled to cope with demand.

A number of students have taken to Facebook and Twitter to complain, with student Hayley Ryan slamming NZQA as being like “a bad boyfriend”.

“Never replys, never gives us what we want and keeps us waiting. its so over.[sic]”

“Dam frustrating,” Karen Wilson says. “Been trying since 9am!”

But Anna Gallagher pointed out the experience is nothing new.

“This happens every year, a few more hours of waiting until the system isn’t overloaded isn’t a big deal.”

In a post on Twitter, NZQA said the website was experiencing high demand but denied it had crashed. Students were thanked for their patience.

Marked exam papers will be returned to students from late January, while school result summaries and records of achievement are also available upon request and will be mailed out to students.

NZQA says New Zealand is the only country that returns marked exam papers to students, and students will have until February 18 to apply for reviews and reconsiderations of their papers, or to ask NZQA to recheck or re-mark standards.

New Zealand Scholarship students will be able to view their results online from mid-February.

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source: newshub archive

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