Occupiers back 'to prove it ain't over'

  • 26/01/2012

By Kim Choe

Occupy Auckland protesters have refused to give in to authorities and have broken through the fences put up to stop them from camping in Aotea Square.

Their actions follow a clear message from the Auckland Council that they are no longer welcome.

Hours after being forced out of the square the Occupiers forced their way back in.

Activist Penny Bright says they are doing it to “prove that it ain’t over”.

A group of protesters rejoiced on the grass they had been camping on for a 104 days.

Their act of defiance was over 60 police officers and 40 security guards who arrived with a clear message that it was time to go.

Police arrested 20 protesters; the majority for trespass and breaching the peace and one for assaulting a member of the public.

But they came straight back again, much to the dismay of police, and the homeless.

Protesters say their treatment by police and council security guards has given them more incentive to stay.

An Occupier who has made a reputation for his leadership among the group, Chris Glen, says he was prepared to move on.

“But not anymore, they've made it too personal.”

Witnesses told 3 News two more people were arrested last night after trying to push over fences that had just been put back up.

The Occupiers say they have planned a protest march for tomorrow before those arrested go to court next week.

3 News

source: newshub archive