Occupy Wellington not budging

  • 18/11/2011

By Emma Jolliff

After four weeks, there’s no sign the passion of Occupy Wellington protesters is waning.

In solidarity with the Wall Street movement today they took their message to lunching workers, using what they called a human microphone.

The technique, where a crowd repeats the words of the speaker, is used in Occupy movements around the world after amplifiers like loudhailers were banned in New York.

Wellingtonians were told the protesters “want to live in a world that is for all of us”, not just for those with money and power.

After the rally members of the movement returned to Civic Square, where they have been camping for a month.

Occupier Ruben de Haas says the occupation is just the beginning.

“We are only getting started, and we will change the world together.”

He intends to stay with the protest for another seven months until his visa runs out.

The movement has given rise to consensus by hand gestures, with protester Natalia explaining that crowd movements indicate their reaction to speeches and discussion.

“If you agree with what is being said, you sparkle your hands up; if you're not too sure you sparkle in the middle,” she says.

Occupy Wellington was given a deadline of this afternoon to tell the Wellington City Council when they intend to leave – but they're refusing to name a date, saying instead they intend to stay until the movement achieves change.

The council says it's time occupiers gave the space back to the people of Wellington.

Watch the video for footage of the protests

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source: newshub archive