Otaki attack pitbulls likely to be destroyed

  • 02/12/2012

By Emma Jolliff

Two pitbull crosses that savagely attacked two Otaki women on Wednesday may be destroyed.

The two women, aged 67 and 48, were hospitalised and have since required surgery, including skin grafts.

The alleged owners failed to show up to a meeting with Kapiti Coast District Council on Friday. It is understood they are dog owners who are already known to council.

A neighbour told 3 News the first victim, the 48-year-old woman, was sitting in the sun outside her property when three dogs from the neighbouring flat at the back of the property managed to get under the fence and came towards her. When she tried to shoo them back, one of the dogs attacked.

She ran inside to escape the dogs, but one held onto her and continued attacking her in the house. The two other dogs reportedly jumped at the window, scratching the walls, also trying to get into the house.

On Thursday, blood could be seen on the walls, on the ground and on the carpet inside the house.

Neighbour Robert Duncan ran to the victim’s house when he heard screaming. When he walked up the driveway, the dogs ran past him onto the street, where one attacked a 67-year-old woman who was also coming to the aid of the victim after she heard screaming.

Mr Duncan said the dog would not let go, despite attempts by others to hit it, at which point he called the police. He said the dog did not release its jaws until someone tried to drive over it.

The dogs are now in the pound at Kapiti Coast District Council. Mr Duncan said he would “shoot the owners and the dogs”.

The council describes the attack as “horrendous” and say even its experienced dog controllers were shaken by the attack.

The SPCA told 3 News it pleaded with the Government more than 20 years ago not to allow pitbulls to be imported into the country. The Auckland SPCA won’t re-house pitbulls, saying it won’t give anyone a dog that has known potential to attack. It says pitbulls are one of four breeds designated as dangerous under the Dog Control Act.

The Kapiti Coast District Council will seek a prosecution under Section 58 of the Dog Control Act – a charge that potentially carries a three-year jail term.

The council will tomorrow seek the owner’s permission to destroy the dogs. If the owners refuse, the council will seek to have the dogs destroyed via the courts.

3 News

source: newshub archive