Parking signs bend and break under strippers' weight

  • 17/07/2012

By 3 News online staff

"Big, strong" prostitutes are breaking parking signs in Papatoetoe by using them as dancing poles.

More than 40 have been bent or snapped in the last 18 months claims the Auckland Council, which wants new legislation banning street prostitution in residential, school and sports areas.

Prostitutes use the poles to solicit customers, says Papatoetoe business district manager Donna Lee.

"Some of the prostitutes are big, strong people," she told Fairfax.

Local residents and business operators are forced to clean up condoms, alcohol and defecation afterwards, she says.

Auckland Mayor Len Brown is backing a bill which would impose fines of $2000 on prostitutes and their clients, and police could arrest those suspected of prostitution or soliciting.

But Prostitute Collective spokeswoman Annah Pickering said prostitutes would just stop carrying condoms to avoid being accused.

"They'll be expected to pay a fine, which they can't pay," says Ms Pickering.

One Papatoetoe local told TVNZ his 10-year-old daughter saw a couple having sex up against their fence, and another said he received a parcel addressed to "Hooker's Corner".

"It found its way to us with no problems whatsoever," the resident told the network.

Signs can cost between $200 and $500 to replace, and $150 or more to repair.

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source: newshub archive