Police investigate incident with drunk 9yo

  • 08/01/2014

Police are investigating shocking footage of a drunk nine-year-old at a skate park in Hamilton which was uploaded to YouTube today.

The child claims his aunt gave him the Cody's pre-mixed bourbon drinks and says it's not the first time he's been drunk. He also claims to have smoked marijuana.

Police confirmed they have spoken to the boy's "understandably upset" mother, and Child, Youth and Family is also investigating.

"The mother told the attending officer she thought the boy was across the road playing," says Inspector Greg Nicholls.

"She wasn't aware he was elsewhere, being put at risk by persons providing him alcohol."

At a press conference in Hamilton this afternoon, Mr Nicholls said the person who supplied alcohol to the boy is likely to face a $2000 fine.

"I'm appalled," he says. "To have a vulnerable nine-year-old consuming alcohol is appalling."

Despite claiming on camera to have drank 18 cans of alcohol, police say the boy had been given eight pre-mixed alcoholic drinks and two shots.

"However many he drank is far too many. If you've seen the video, you will have seen the state that that young boy was in. Irrespective of whether it was eight or 18, it's too many."

Mr Nicholls says the person who supplied him with the alcohol is likely to see the maximum penalty under the Sale and Supply of Liquor Act 2012 – a $2000 fine after going through the court.

"This is a serious matter so it falls at the upper end of the continuum."

Police say the boy was not supplied the alcohol by his mother.

CYF is working with the mother and child, who has two siblings, but Mr Nicholls says this is a collegial approach to ensure the care and protection of the mother.

"His family background is a good, caring family. Decisions made by the nine-year-old boy just, to me, typify the innocence of a nine-year-old child."

Mr Nicholls also says a man claiming to be the boy's brother in the video, trying to explain away the behaviour, is not a relation. The officer also dismisses claims made by others in the video that an aunty had supplied the boy with liquor.

"In some communities the term 'aunty' is quite broad," he says. "In this case, take the broader meaning of that relationship."

While Mr Nicholls praised the public response to the video, he was critical of scooter rider Bradley Goudie for posting it online and allowing the child to potentially be further victimised.

Police have contacted Google to have the clip removed from YouTube and Mr Nicholls calls on Mr Goudie to "do the right thing and remove it".

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source: newshub archive

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