Police, organisers pleased with Wellington Sevens behaviour

  • 02/02/2013

The Wellington Sevens are renowned for alcohol-induced partying, but organisers say fans are learning to look after themselves.

But even though just a handful of arrests were made at Westpac Stadium last night, ambulance staff say they'd still like to see more fans wearing footwear.

The Sevens are known for alcohol-fuelled antics but this year organisers are singing the praises of the fans.

“We've had a great first day,” says Sevens general manager Steve Walters. “The messaging around people looking after themselves, pacing themselves, has paid off.”

Police and organisers have cracked down on drunkenness, providing free water, extra food stalls, along with tougher drinking rules in the stadium.

The efforts paying off. Police made just four arrests among the crowd of more than 30,000 at the stadium yesterday.

A Free Ambulance spokesman said last night was like any normal Friday night and that one of the main problems was treating barefooted people who had cut their feet on broken glass.

Most go to the Sevens to party. Bars and restaurants are celebrating too.

“It feels like it,” says local chef Geoff Ngan. “The weather's really brought everyone out, having a great time.”

A group of Dargaville farmers didn't spend much on their outfits, but reckon they'll spend about $1000 each this weekend.

“Great – good experience just to see everybody dressed up,” they say.

By the time fans finish celebrating the Sevens, they'll have generated $16 million of extra spending for Wellington.

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source: newshub archive