Police want to speak to victim's visitors

  • 23/09/2012

Police investigating the death of a Lower Hutt man say a number of people visited his home on the day he died.

A friend of Michael Mulholland, 52, found him unconscious on the driveway of his Taita home on Thursday night and he died at the scene despite attempts to resuscitate him. He had suffered facial wounds.

Police said today the investigation team wanted to speak with any of those people who had contact with him that day as they might hold key information about what happened to him about 10:00pm.

Hutt Valley area commander Inspector Mike Hill has confirmed Mr Mulholland had Mongrel Mob connections.

Police said they were working closely with the family to ensure they had the necessary support to help them through the tragic circumstances of his death. Extended family members were congregating in the area and paying their respects but no funeral date had been set.


source: newshub archive

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