President of cannabis club has expansion plans

  • 10/01/2010

By Simon Shepherd

A man who has been operating a cannabis club in west Auckland for the last year plans to set up similar clubs throughout the country.

He calls himself “Dakta Green”, and claims his members have been freely flouting the law until police raided his house last week.

Members of the “Daktory” club, run by Mr Green, pay a fee to smoke cannabis.

“The objective when we opened this was to show the people of New Zealand, and the members of Parliament, that it’s possible to have a group of people from our culture get together and there wouldn’t be any trouble in the community,” he says.

Mr Green, previous name Ken Morgan, has been running Daktory for more than a year. At one stage he sold almost 20 types of cannabis, and claims he had 2,000 members.

“Our oldest member is in their late 70’s and our youngest members is not past 18,” he says.

There are no drugs there now – police raided the property last week, and also charged Green with cultivation.

Police could not be reached for comment today, but Green says he is not deterred – he’s got expansion plans.

As a member of the Pro Legislation Lobby he wants to set up similar clubs around the country.

“We will be heading on tour next month and visiting cities over the country, going to Parliament, and telling Parliament it’s time to stop this ridiculous nonsense,” Green says.

But first, Green will have to face court tomorrow.

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source: newshub archive

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