Prison safety panel appointed

  • 20/11/2012

Former police commissioner Howard Broad is to head an international panel that will advise the Government on ways to improve the safety of prison staff.

Corrections Minister Anne Tolley says she's concerned about a recent spate of assaults and wants everything possible done to limit them.

The panel will review the department's safety action plan, oversee its implementation next year and recommend additions or improvements.

"Prison officers often deal with dangerous and unpredictable offenders and we are always looking at ways to improve safety for our staff," Mrs Tolley said today.

"I'm confident the expertise and overseas experience of the advisory panel will ensure that the department's safety policies and procedures are as robust as possible."

Panel members: Peter Severin, commissioner of Corrective Services, NSW, Kelvin Anderson, director general, Department of Community Safety, Queensland, Scott McNairn, deputy director of operations, Serco Asia Pacific, Mike Cosman, managing director, Impac Services Ltd, Neil Beales, acting chief custodial officer, Department of Corrections, Astrid Kalders, chief probation officer, Department of Corrections.


source: newshub archive