RAW VIDEO: Alleged assault on Kawhia policeman

  • 21/01/2013

3 News has obtained dramatic footage of the attack on a sole charge policeman in Kawhia.

Two men – father and son – have been charged in relation to the attack on Constable Perry Griffin on January 11.

Am-cam footage shows Mr Griffin discharging his Taser, but missing his target. The Taser hits the ground and Mr Griffin is seen running to avoid a man and a mob of others, who chase him down the street.

The officer collides with a young man in a green shirt before he falls to the ground.

A group rush towards Mr Griffin but it is not clear whether they are part of the attack of trying to pull a man off him.

Volunteer firefighters then intervene, helping Mr Griffin to his feet.

A number of Mr Griffin’s belongings fell onto the street during the alleged assault and the officer can be seen taking his Glock out of its holster before the items – believed to be his notebook, handcuffs and sunglasses - are returned.

A witness tells Mr Griffin his Taser has been thrown in the water.

Jackie Maikuku, 19, and his 49-year-old father, Jack Maikuku, appeared in the Te Awamutu District Court this morning on charges of aggravated assault of police and assault with intent to injure.

In light of the new pictures of the attack, 3 News approached the police about procedures with guns, pepper sprays and Tasers, asking specifically whether they were reviewing the effectiveness of their Tasers, given that one failed to do its job. We also wanted to know if there would be changes to the practice of solo policing in small towns.

But the police said their investigation was continuing, and as the matter was now before the courts, they won't be making any further comment.

Both men will reappear for a post committal conference on March 18.

3 News

source: newshub archive